Requesting proper authority to ban the entering of Mr Pravin Togadia to Kondhmal

Utkal Christian Council acts in the context of the rising phenomenon of Hatred Speeches

(A Regional Council of the National Council of Churches of India)

   Regd. Office: Bishop’s House, Mission Road, Cuttack- 753 001, Orissa Phone:0671-3250268, Mobile:1406627, Emails:;

The Superintendent of Police, Kandhamal
Phulbani, Dist: Kandhamal, Orissa.
Sub: Request for ban on entering  of Mr. Praveen Togadia into Kandhamal District on 27th Feb 2015 which is likely to  disturb peace and communal harmony prevailing in the state because of his provocative and inflammatory speech.  
Greetings from Utkal Christian Council.
1. This is to inform you that the U.C.C. is the regional Council of Churches in Orissa for furthering the objectives of member Churches and to  represent the grievances of the churches of Odisha and  protestant churches in particular.
2.This has come to the knowledge of the undersigned that Mr. Praveen Togadia is coming to  Kandhamal District on 27th Feb 2015 for conducting a public meeting which is likely to  disturb peace and communal harmony prevailing in the state because of  his provocative and inflammatory  speech. People of Odisha especially of Kandhamal have not yet forgotten his calculated inflammatory provocative speech which triggered communal violence in Kandhmal and spreaded over alarmingly to other parts of the state and resulted in serious destruction of life and property of people including property of the Government. The people of Kandhamal District are still living in anxiety and fear.  The visit of Mr Togadia’s visit will have consequences both immediate and long range, as we know from past experience.

3. It is pertinent to mention here that due to past conduct and antecedent of  Mr. Prabin Togodia the Christian Minority community of the state has suffered irreparable loss. More than 100 educational Institutions & Christian shops and thousands of Christian houses were burnt and ransacked. More than Hundred churches and prayer halls were torched, Hundreds of vehicles were damaged in the communally sensitive state during the riot.  The place of worships were desecrated, women raped and Christian priests were subjected to inhuman torture. Christians were burnt alive. 50,000 people were displaced. Many villagers had to hide in the forests to save their lives. The law and order situation in the state was completely paralyzed.

4. It is worthwhile to mention here that the Karnataka Police has banned entry of Mr. Togodia into the city from 5.2.2015 to 11.2.2015 because Mr.Togadia’s previous visits to the State had triggered communal violence. Challenging the said ban by police Commissioner, a writ petition was filed before the Hon’ble Karnataka High Court by the VHP. The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka dismissed the interim prayer of RSS and upheld the ban imposed by city Police Commissioner on his entry into the city to attend a religious convention scheduled to be held on 8th Feb 2015.

5. That apart the Assam government has banned the right wing group Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s leader Mr. Praveen Togadia from entering Guwahati, on apprehension that his provocative speech might disturb the communal harmony. It has been reported in the news that, if necessary, the government will consider banning his next visit if it is found that it disturbs peace and communal harmony prevailing in the state.
6. This is also an occasion to once again cognitate how we are sensitive on issues of secularism and right to live peacefully , while continuing to work on matters of  development Law-enforcing agencies in many states, including Karnataka have registered 19 criminal cases against Mr. Togadia for allegedly making inflammatory statements and disrespecting the constitution in the recent past.
7. That  Mr. Togadia’s previous visits to the State had triggered communal violence in the past because of the Inflammatory speeches  made by him in 2008 .Therefore the  Government should  be committed to prevent  such attempts at polarization on basis of religious hate campaign. In this secular country, this kind of  hate campaign in the name of religion will  not only result in law and order problem but also a  serious blow to the very spirit of the constitution of the country and is violating the fundamental rights as enshrined under  the constitution of India.
8. In view of the above facts and circumstances, I request your honor to intervene into this matter and take action in accordance with law so as  to prevent entry of Mr. Togadia in to Kandhamal on 27.2.2015 and also request you  to  ensure adequate protection for the safety and security of the Christian minority community of Kandhamal district . For which act of your kindness, the Christian community shall ever remain grateful to you.
Yours sincerely,
Copy To
1. The Collector & Dist. Magistrate,
At: Phulbani, Dist: Kandhamal
2. The D.G. of Police, Orissa
Police Head quarter, Cuttack, Orissa
3. The I.G. of Police, Police Head Quarter, Cuttack, Orissa.
4. The Secretary,
Home Department, Bhubaneswar, Dist.Khurda, Orissa
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