NCCI prays for the team involved in Crisis Relief International (CRI) at Queragosh and Erbil

In solidarity with all those being persecuted for their faith, particularly children

Mail Attachment (1)The National Council of Churches in India calls upon all its constituent members along with the Member Churches and other non-member churches to unite in prayer for the misguided terrorists who are involved in extreme Islamic goals of mass conversion or death not even sparing the little children.  The NCCI pleads with all those who read this mail to forward it to your churches to pray unitedly in your intercessory prayers.

May this Lenten Season bring light upon those who are misguided in the name of religion.

Lord, we come before you in sadness and grief for the people facing persecution in Your Holy name.  Your Son Jesus Christ suffered and died for us.  In His resurrection He restores life and peace in all creation.  Comfort them Lord, we pray, all victims of intolerance and those oppressed by their fellow humans.  Remember in your kingdom those who have died.  Lead the mis-guided terrorists towards compassion and give hope to the suffering.

We also pray for the little children who are victims of Religious Terrorism.  Lead us to work for the welfare and protection of all young people.  May we respect their dignity that they may flourish in life.

Mail Attachment (3)Lord, we pray for those who mourn the death of their loved ones.  Contain and comfort those who are in grief and shock; embrace them with your love, give them hope and grace to let go into new life.

We pray for all those who have been caught up in this conflict. We pray for those forced to flee their homes, all who have lost friends, family and possessions and who now face an uncertain future. Bless our Christian brothers and sisters who have seen the destruction of their churches and communities and for our Muslim neighbours who have also experienced destruction and suffering. Amen
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