Christians protest in Delhi against continuous Church attacks

delhiprotChristian communities are now more frequently targeted for violence.  In Delhi, in less than two months five Church buildings have been vandalized or burnt down.  The police have not solved most of the cases and it has created a sense of fear among the Christian Community in India.

The Christian community had peaceful protest in front of Sacred Heart Cathedral on 5th February, 2015 against Government inaction on Church attacks. However, Protesters were dealt very roughly by the Delhi police. Many of the priests, lay men and women, were dragged into police van and detained at the Parliament street police station. Around 500 protesters were taken to the Police station.  The police was not even allowing them to protest inside the Church and not allowing protesters to meet the media.

Later, the Christian leaders met the Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh and demanded that the Government take urgent and effective measures to restore the Rule of Law, curb the acts of targeted and communal violence. The guilty must be traced, and action under the law should be taken. Police officers must be held accountable for communal crimes in their jurisdiction. In Delhi, a special investigating team should be set up to investigate the five acts of violence against the Catholic Churches monitored by the High Court of Delhi.

The Home Minister assured that he would not tolerate any discrimination. He promised an independent investigation into the Church attacks and he has asked the police to ensure the security of Churches and other places of worship.

Samuel Jayakumar

Executive Secretary

Commission on Policy, Governance and Public Witness – NCCI

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