The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), the apex body of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches which represent 13 million people around the country vehemently condemns the physical torture, and incidents of the increasing rapes and murders of Dalit women both young and old that have been brought to light since the past two weeks in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore and Tamilnadu.
India has a strong constitution which safeguards the rights of the vulnerable and marginalized and ensures the human rights of all communities and that all people are defended. But there is wave of growing and imposed insecurity for all the women, especially young Dalit women. Their bodies are being abused, tortured and killed. The recent increase in the violence against women and the controversial and sarcastic statements and comments of the Political leaders in different parts of the country such as Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra on rape and women’s dignity are visible symbols of perpetuation of the rape culture that has emerged in India.

NCCI urges the governments of both the Centre and the States to take severe action against the rapists and murderers of the young women in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore and Tamilnadu.
NCCI appreciates the promise of the new Prime Minister to safeguard the rights and respect of women and the need to take strong actions against the incidents of violence against women which was expressed in his first speech in Lok Sabha. However NCCI also urges the government not to limit its promises to the speeches but also take serious efforts to ensure that the promises are fulfilled.
NCCI realizes that the toughening of the laws after the 2012 gang rape in Delhi has only brought awareness about the increasing rapes in the country but is not able to stop the tide of violence against women.
NCCI calls the Churches and the religious institutions especially in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore and Tamil Nadu to respond to the violence against women and to deliberate with the governments of the States to take severe action against the perpetrators.
NCCI condemns Patriarchy and the patriarchal attitudes of people that are deep rooted in the India society. NCCI believes that this rage against women is the expression of intolerance of the women’s exercise of freedom, their right, their power to transform structures, and their contributions in the various fields.
NCCI commits itself to work with the women who are vulnerable to create a nation in which women will experience justice, peace and respect. It strongly believes that women are leaders who have contributed equally to nation building. NCCI envisions ushering a new nation of equality and inclusivity.
Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad
General Secretary, NCCI

Ms. Binu Mathew Roy
Chairperson, Commission on Youth, NCCI

Rev. Ch. Sweety Helen
Executive Secretary, Commission on Youth, NCCI

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