Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on 21 May 2017

Dear Friends,

We are requesting you as participating organisations of WCC-EAA, that each of your organisation is able to sign up and endorse the Global ‘Day of Prayer to End Famine’ on 21 May 2017 to be launched tomorrow. We are grateful to you if you have already endorsed it and agreed to be one of the organisations launching the call.  The General Secretaries of WCC & AACC had send out a call last week. The letter is attached with this message- please see below for the link to  register as partners in the campaign.

All this work is possible because of your committed guidance and support. We would very much want you register and back this Day of Prayer and to promote it among your partners and networks.

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A Call for a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine

Geneva, April 21, 2017

A Call for a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine

Christ has Risen!

This period between Easter and the Ascension is one of the most significant times in the church calendar. It is a period of 40 days after his resurrection, when Jesus lived among the people, continuing his ministry, restoring and nourishing hope and giving life with dignity. It is also a period, when, as people of faith, we are obliged to turn our attention, prayerfully and with dedication, to the most crying needs in our society.

Currently, more people face famine today than any time in modern history. Famine has been declared in South Sudan. Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen are on the brink of famine. Globally, more than 20 million people are at risk of starvation, while millions more suffer from drought and food  shortages.  In this desperate situation children suffer most and become increasingly vulnerable. The UN is calling this the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

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Churches’ Commitments to Children | Letter from WCC General Secretary

Note to all member churches and partners interested in joining “Churches’ Commitments to Children”

The letter by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, WCC general secretary offers the “Churches’ Commitments to Children” as a common basis for churches and partners engaged in improving child well-being. It is an invitation to move forward in our pilgrimage of justice and peace with children – recognizing that they face diverse challenges, yet are equipped with unique resources.

Some churches may want to implement one of the Commitments, others may implement several or all of the Commitments – depending on challenges faced by children and the churches’ capacity.

Some churches may want to share their expertise in promoting child well-being with other churches; others may request support to reach some of their objectives.

Please share and discuss the “Churches’ Commitments to Children” document with all relevant groups in your church. If you would like to post it on your website you may download the online version which is available at

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