Christmas message from NCCI General Secretary: “LOVE CAME DOWN AT CHRISTMAS!”

We live in a loveless world

We live in a loveless world. Our systems and structures are unjust: the caste system oppresses scheduled castes (dalits) and backward classes;  globalization favours the rich at the cost of the poor; development programmes displace the tribals and adivasis from their homelands; ceaseless wars and terrorist activities exterminate hundreds of innocent lives and render several thousand as refugees; expressions of fundamentalism suppress minorities;  the patriarchal system victimizes women and children; a competitive world frustrates several struggling  youth; our busy life leaves no time for families to care for one another ; consumerism depletes the earth’s resources and pollute nature; … indeed the list is unending.

 A lyric, entitled “A World without Love,” expresses utter disappointment with such a world:

Please lock me away, And don’t allow the day,
Here inside where I hide, With my loneliness
I don’t care what they say, I won’t stay  In a world without love

 Love given to a loveless world

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NCCI’s new website


NCCI’s new website was inaugurated by NCCI President, Honourable Bishop Dr. P. C. Singh on August 11, 2016 in the course of the General Body meeting in Chennai. Bishop Dr. P. C. Singh appreciated NCCI’s Commission on Communications and Relations for the upgrade, and wished the website to be a channel for more effective accomplishment of ecumenical objectives as communicating communities seeking to synergize efforts in service of the Church and Society.

NCCI’s new website is aimed at incorporating newer strategies and website components towards optimizing available technology to the various ways people currently use it, and its new domain name brings into focus the historic standing and commitment of the Council. The website will serve as a repository for reference and relevant data as well as a portal for news from NCCI, its member bodies and ecumenical concerns in general. With a responsive web design and integrated cross-platform content sharing (eg. in addition to email, facebook, twitter and other online social media, news posts viewed on mobile devices can now be shared on whatsapp as well), NCCI has responded practically to changing trends of accessing and sharing data across multiple platforms, including smart phones. The NCCI news app for AndroidTM devices that complements the news components of the website, continues to be freely available on Google PlayTM


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Black Day Observance at NCCI Campus, Nagpur

Black day PicAll NCCI Staff members observed “Black Day” on August 10, 2016 at the NCCI Campus, Nagpur to  protest about the continual negligence of the government to the cry for the rights of Dalit Christians and Muslims in the country.  In his address, Mr. Pradip Bansrior, Executive Secretary- Dalit and Tribal/ Adivasi Concerns,  highlighted the injustice related to the issue and lamented that the Civil Writ Petition 180/2004 in the Honorable Supreme Court of India praying for the deletion of paragraph 3 of the Presidential Order 1950 has been pending in the Supreme Court of India for the past 12 years, since the Government has not yet replied to the Supreme court.

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NCCI welcomes new interns for 2016-2017. Interns Orientation Workshop conducted.

The National Council of Churches in India welcomes new interns for 2016 – 17. These young people have come from different regions and backgrounds. During their time at NCCI, it is hoped that they would explore various concerns, learn and contribute to the strengthening of the ecumenical movement in India.

atonNgalaton Ningsen

Ngalaton is from Nagaland and is an intern for Tribal and Adivasi concerns. She has done her B.D. from Bishop’s College, Kolkata in 2016. She has earlier worked as a secretary in Evangelical Union ministry at Patkai, Sunday school staff in Senakeithei village, Manipur, and has been a member of Nagaland Singing Ambassadors Choir. She is seeking for an opportunity from NCCI to explore herself in the best possible way, to have a wider picture of Tribal and Adivasi concerns beyond North East India which she believes will be of great benefit and help for her future M.Th. studies.

shitoviShitovi Sema

Shitovi is intern for  Youth concerns. He is from Dimapur, Nagaland and has done his M.Th. in Missiology  from Aizawl Theological College in 2016 and B.D.  from Easter Theological College in 2013. He served Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church as a Youth Coordinator (Voluntary service) in 2013-2014. He is a worship leader of his church. He want to improve his skills in programme strategies, social analysis, communication, inter-personal mission and evangelism,  and leadership.

manas Manas Raj

Manas is serving NCCI as an intern for concerns of Unity, Mission and Evangelism. He has done his B.D. from Bethel Bible College, Andhra Pradesh in year 2016. He is from Adarshapara C.N.I. Church, Sambalpur Diocese and has worked as a Secretary of the Youth Fellowship in his church and was engaged in social works like cleaning the surroundings, Plantation, Rally against Gender Discrimination and Environmental Degradation, and has attended programs on social work in the church.

ahonHungreiphy Zas

Hungreiphy Zas hails from Manipur. She belongs to the Tangkhul Baptist Church, which is a member of Manipur Baptist Convention. She has graduated recently in Bachelor of Divinity (BD)  from Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur. She is an intern for All India Council of Christian Women- Women’s Wing NCCI. She wants   to be a part of NCCI to get experience and skills in various fields especially improvement  in communication skills, as well as to expose herself in a wider ministerial area.

jyotiJyotirmaya Tandi

Jyotirmaya is intern for  Dalit concerns. He is from Titlagarh, Odisha and has done his B.D. from Bethel Bible College in year 2016. He was a youth leader of his church and served Christian Endeavor as a treasurer. He is looking forward to learn leadership qualities and to bring justice and equality for Dalits.


davidDavid Jadhav

David is working with All India Sunday School Association as an intern. He is from Nagpur.  He has done his Bachelor’s degree from Science stream in 2016.  He is member of Harvest Church, Nagpur and is actively participating in church activities such as organizing youth events, operating sound system etc. His objective to join NCCI is to bring unity among all denominations and churches.


hrudayHrudhay Addurwar

Hrudhay is assisting the Administration Department of NCCI. He is from Nagpur and completed his Mechanical Engineering course in 2013. He is CNI Nagpur Diocese Youth President for the 2015-2018 session. He is very active in church and social activities and is a very good football player. He is looking forward to serve the society and ecumenism through his internship


avinaArina Murrian

Arina is from Nagpur and has done her graduation in Commerce in 2016. She is a member of  St. Francis De Sales Cathedral, Nagpur. She is a part-time intern for IDEA Forum of NCCI. She is very active in her church and a part of the Youth Choir. She is looking forward to learn more about missionary activities through NCCI.

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NCCI Secretariat gets a new vehicle

DSC03824National Council of Churches in India secretariat needed a two wheeler for official uses.

We are grateful to South Andhra Lutheran Church for supporting the work of NCCI, their most recent expression being funds to enable this purchase.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad (General Secretary, NCCI) and staff team prayed over it and we hope that it will be used for the glory of God and the furtherance of the work of NCCI at the secretariat.

NCCI XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly 2016

quadrennial assembly logo blackNCCI XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly 2016 (Jabalpur | April 27 – 30, 2016) is a much anticipated event as the gathering will contemplate and review the call and commitment of the Indian Ecumenical Movement by focusing the Assembly activities including the Business Sessions on the theme:

“Towards Just and Inclusive Communities”.

For more information please see the Assembly website

Kindly pray for the Assembly that it may be a blessing for all.

Thank you.
XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly Team, NCCI.

“We Embrace You Mother Earth and Sister Tree”. Celebrating Creator’s Oikos: Young Women Artist Painting Murals of Inclusive and Just Communities.

GirlsThe National Council of Churches Quadrennial Assembly is at the threshold. The theme of the Assembly is “Towards Just and Inclusive Communities”. NCCI is mobilizing and inviting churches and communities to participate in this pilgrimage and celebration. Various Pre Assemblies or Forums are being organized. “Our aim is to creatively engage communities, churches  and people to share their stories and contributions and join us in our pilgrimage  to  build just and inclusive communities. Building just and inclusive  communities also calls for just relationships with mother earth” states Rev Dr Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary of  NCCI.   Ten young women dalit and tribal artists were invited to share their notion of just and  inclusive communities through traditional Warli art form by painting  murals  embracing walls around  the trees in NCCI campus.  These young women are from indigenous and  dalit background and are trainees from adopted slum communities of  Church of North India – Social Service Institute (CNISSI) of  Nagpur Diocese. Church of North India is member Church of NCCI.

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NCCI appoints secretaries for Commission on Youth and Commission on Dalits and Tribals/Adivasis

Dear Ecumenical Colleagues,

New Year greetings from NCCI!

I am happy to introduce to you Mr.Pradip Bansrior and Mr.Jianthaolung Gonmei who are recently appointed respectively as the Executive Secretary NCCI-Commissions on Dalits and Tribals/Adivasis, and Executive Secretary NCCI-Commission on Youth.

Mr Pradip BansriorMr.Pradip has a Post Graduate degree in Economics. During the past 15 years he has served as Programme Secretary in SCMI, and as CNI Synod Programme Coordinator for Youth Concerns, Subaltern Concerns, and for Dalit & Tribal Concerns.

passportMr.Jianthaolung has completed his B.D. from the United Theological College, Bangalore. He has a Post Graduate degree in English language & literature. Before he joined NCCI, Mr.Jianthaolung was serving as an intern in NCCI during 2015.

Please uphold their ministries in your prayers, and encourage them with your support and guidance.

You may contact them at and

FAREWELL TO NCCI EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES – Rev. Asir Ebenezer, Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi and Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi

Three of our Executive Secretaries have finished their term of office with the National Council of Churches in India. We are grateful to God for the fine leadership we have had in them. As our friends take their skills and wisdom to other ministries, we wish them God’s richest blessings for an increasingly fruitful ministry.


Joined NCCI June 1,  2004 and served till May 31, 2014 in various capacities: Executive Secretary for Urban-Rural Mission (URM) and later of the NCCI Commission on Policy and National Governance, Officiating General Secretary for a year (2010), and Finance Secretary. He has contributed to NCCI at many levels including programs, finance, communications, strategic planning process and policies. His work at NCCI has been so extensive that any attempts to define it would fall short of according sufficient acknowledgement. He has taken office with the Church of South India (CSI) Synod located in Chennai. Read more


Dear friends,

On account of the stormy weather including incessant rains over the last week in Nagpur, some trees near Azariah House in the NCCI Campus have fallen causing extensive damage to the structure of Azariah House.(See pictures below)

As we may know that the house is named after the well-known Indian Church leader and ecumenist Bishop Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah (1874 – 1945), and has been used variously as conference hall, guest house, meeting place, etc.

We are celebrating the centenary of NCCI this year. In fact, the concluding celebration is planned to be held in Nagpur during November 6 – 10, 2014. The Azariah House facilities need to be in usable condition as early as possible.

We urgently appeal to you to grant financial support for repairing Azariah House and the compound wall which has collapsed in many places. The repair work is estimated at INR Ten Lakhs (Rs. 10,00,000/-) which is about USD 17000/-.

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