We Paint the Colours of Shanti: Women Ambassadors of Transformation: Potentials and Challenges: Bible Studies.
Editors: Moumita Biswas, Sushma Ramaswami, 2006.
Rs. 150.00Rs. 100.0057
Christianity, Wealth and Poverty – Indian Perspective. (NCCI / ISPCK, 2004)
Editor: Chandran Paul Martin
Rs. 150.00Rs. 100.00118
Explorations in being the Church in the World: Collected works of Paul Siromoni (BUILD / TAPD & NCCI – URM, 2004)Rs. 200.00Rs. 135.00117
Hope of the Church: Lay Movements: A Handbook on Equipping the Local Congregations: Purna Chandra Jena (NCCI / ISPCK, 2005)Rs. 95.00Rs. 65.0076
Christian Counselling and Psychotherapy, Purna Chandra Jena (Ed.), (CLS, 2008)Rs. 80.00Rs. 55.00161
The Prophetic Engagement of the Church, Chandran Paul Martin (Ed.), ISPCK / NCCI, 2011Rs. 125.00Rs. 85.00253
Child Labour in India: Challenges for Theological Thinking and Christian Ministry in India, Rohan P. Gideon (ed.), NCCI / ISPCK, 2011Rs. 135.00Rs. 90.00308