NCCI Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment

Consultation on ‘Towards Inclusive Society: From Disability Perspective

 IMG_2809_credThe National Council of Churches in India’s (NCCI) Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (IDEA) joined with the Engage Disability Network (EDN) and Christian Service Agency (CSA) to organize a consultation on ‘Towards Inclusive Society: From Disability Perspective” at NCCI Campus on 21st July 2015.

30 participants including persons with disabilities, activists, social workers, pastors, academicians, educators, counselors and students participated in this consultation.

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Report of YOUNG THEOLOGIANS CONCLAVE “Ecclesiology in the Cyber Age”

National Council of Churches in India organized a Young Theologians Conclave in partnership with the support from 2014-06-26aw0483bapThe Church of Finland and with help from promoters and partners from Church of Ireland and Church of England in Ecumenical Christian Centre, UTC, Bangalore from June 26-27, 2014.

The theme of the Programme was “Ecclesiology in Cyber Age”. The aim of the Programme succeeded by gathering Young Theologians who are techno savy and cyber oriented to come together to devise plans and ideas to respond to the changing definition of Church in the Cyber Age. The diverse Challenges that were faced by the young people were discussed, the threats posed by the Cyber age were brought to the fore and the action plans were devised to ensure that we respond so that the Church will become a relevant Church even with the growing challenges of the changing times. The various presentations have thrown light on the Cyber Age, Cyber space and the Cyber Church.

The Inaugural worship was led by the students from United Theological College, Bangalore. After this, Rev. Sweety Helen welcomed the gathering, and the inaugural session was led by Rev. Sunil Raj Phillip. The Programme was creatively inaugurated by all the participants after which Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad  lit a virtual lamp. The inauguration encompassed the use of symbols such as Cross and various technologies available with the participants.

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NCCI Tribal and Adivasi Sunday 2015

“Tribals and Adivasis: Custodians of 
God-given land and its ecosystems”
Tribal-Adivasi Sunday will be observed on 9th August 2015.  The NCCI encourages you to celebrate Tribal-Adivasi Sunday as an important expression of our affirmation of and dedication to the gospel: the gospel is for all including Tribals and Adivasis. Many of us, who do not consider ourselves as Tribals/Adivasis, tend to overlook or neglect the importance of indigenous people in the vision and mission of God the creator. Those of us who belong to indigenous communities take our status for granted and therefore do not affirm our special position in God’s plans and purposes. Hence, NCCI appeals to all churches to give the observance of Tribal-Adivasi Sunday its due importance.
The theme for this year is “Tribals and Adivasis: Custodians of God-given Land and its Ecosystems.” This is in tune with the theme of UN’s International Day of Indigenous People, which is “Indigenous Peoples as Custodians of the Land and its Ecosystems.”
The term “custodian of land and ecosystems” immediately brings to our mind the image of Adam and Eve as custodians of God’s Garden of Eden. Indeed Adam and Eve were indigenous people integrally related to land and all creation. In fact for most indigenous people, land, along with the ecosystem it supports, is the mark of their identity. When lands are submerged because of our development projects, indigenous people experience a vacuum, an emptiness, indeed ‘death’, because their very being and identity is taken away from them. When lands with their forests, rivers, indeed all flora and fauna, are destroyed to make way for concrete jungles and industries, the livelihood of the indigenous people (which is integrally related to their land and eco-system) is also taken away. Most of them are not suited to work in “unnatural” industries and hi-tech systems. They therefore face another ‘death.
Today we are becoming increasingly concerned about global warming and the destruction of eco-systems. Scientists are beginning to talk about the onset of the sixth wave of mass extinction on the earth. When the care of mother earth is an emergency mandate, who best could help us to nurture, preserve and protect mother earth but the indigenous people who have lived in harmonious responsible relationships with nature! “The earth is the lord’s and the fullness thereof” says the psalmist. Paul in his epistle to the Romans observes that “all creation has been subjected to futility” . This is because of human greed and their anti-ecological development economies, sciences and technologies. Indeed “creation is groaning for the revealing of the children of God.” Indigenous people are one expression of this revelation as custodians of God-given land and its eco-systems.
Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad
General Secretary,
National Council of Churches in India.

Interfaith Dialogue on Child Labour and Child Rights



3.child-rights-child-labourA programme on Interfaith Dialogue on Child Labour and Child Rights was jointly organised by United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India (UELC) Conflict Transformation and Peace-building Programme and the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation recently at the NCCI Campus, Nagpur, on the occasion of International Day against Child labour.

The Programme was chaired by the National Secretary of All India Progressive Forum, Dr. Yugal J. Rayalu, while Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary NCCI, gave the keynote address. Mr. Samuel Logan from United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India, was present on the dais.

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Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Samuel W. Meshack on being elected as the new President of World Association for Christian Communication (WACC)

Sam3The Rev. Dr. Samuel W. Meshack was elected to serve a four-year term as the new President of WACC at its Meeting of Members, 29 May 2015.
Director of Higher Education at the Hindustan Bible Institute and College, Chennai, India, Dr Meshack was previously one of WACC’s First Directors, President of WACC Asia, and Secretary of WACC Global. He recently served as Chairperson of the WACC Task force on Continuing Education and Training and co-ordinated leadership training for WACC’s regional executive committee members.
Dr. Meshack earned his doctoral degree from the Centre for Mass Communication Research of the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. He has published many articles in the field of communication and ethics with an emphasis on the rights and privileges of marginalized people and mission concerns. He is Professor of Communication in theological and secular universities in India and abroad, guiding researchers towards their doctoral degrees.

Congratulations to Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar on being elected the 17th General Secretary of Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI

inba-anna1The 27th General Committee of the Student Christian Movement of India held at Goa from 28-30 May 2015, unanimously elected Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar as the 17th General Secretary of SCM India (SCMI) for a term of four years.
The SCMI Executive Committee proposed the name of Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar which was unanimously received by the General Committee. The chairperson of SCMI , Bishop Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos stated that Mr. Inbaraj has been unanimously selected by the search committee members by considering his long term experiences with the SCM India and his commitment to make this movement a vibrant one.

Christian Leaders meet Shri Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister, Government of India, New Delhi

arun-jaitley n churchA delegation consisting of Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical Church leaders had a meeting with the Finance Minister of the Country, Shri Arun Jaitley on 23rd May, 2014 at his residence and it is lasted for one and half hours. The finance minister apprised the leaders about the various steps taken by the Government for the safety and protection of the Christian Community. He stated that neither the BJP nor its government support attacks against the Christian community.
 The Christian leaders also raised the following concerns of the community with Mr. Arun Jaitely: The status of the SIT probe on Church attacks in Delhi as well as different parts of the country, irresponsible and provocative statements made by leaders of BJP, fringe elements and Sangh Parivar, the issue of anti-conversion laws, Government stand on granting Schedule Caste status to Dalit Christians, proposal to have a Christian Memorial in Delhi and unwarranted interference of Government through Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on Christian Orphanages.
The meeting was a confidence building measure by the Government with Christian community. He also promised to designate a nodal point within the cabinet to address the concerns of the Community.  The discussion was cordial and positive. We hope that Government will pursue the measures it has promised.
Samuel Jayakumar
Executive Secretary,
Commission on Policy, Governance and Public Witness, NCCI


SMSLAUNCHThat the mobile phone as a modern communication tool has overtaken other gadgets is a fact that had been expected for a while now. In terms of numbers, ease of access, reach and speed, the mobile applications we have now, and the humble, unassuming, but powerful SMS (Short Message Service) are second to none. With the communication paradigms changing from a one-way flow to an interactive one, from people actively seeking out data on websites to receiving data in the convenience of their own virtual spaces (the space of a 5-inch screen, if you like), and the occasional updates to instant ones, mobile technology has emerged as, arguably, the Swiss army knife (multiple functions aspect) of communications.
NCCI Commission on Communications and Relations has, for some time now, promoted the use of available communication tools towards greater efficiency and impact. To further enhance NCCI Communications NCCI SMS NEWS ALERTSYSTEM was launched on April 13, 2015 by the General Secretary of NCCI, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad in Nagpur. It is hoped that this program component will serve to effectively use the benefits of mobile connectivity and telecommunication technology towards greater speed and efficiency in our work. Rev. Dr. Roger expressed his wish for this service to not only enhance communication as a systems process but also lead to better connection with people.


Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad

General Secretary, NCCI

Rev. Dr. Samuel Meshack

Chairperson, Program Commission on Communications and Relations, NCCI

Rev. Caesar J. David

Executive Secretary, Commission on Communications and Relations, NCCI

Donating Blood to Remember Jesus on Good Friday

DSC04382Many Churches and Christian Institutions in observed Blood Donation Camps to mark the Good Friday meaningful on the call extended by the Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation – NCCI. As reported over 10 camps held in many places in Maharashtra, Manipur, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Chattisghargh.

Good Friday is an important day for every Christian who believes that, Jesus who died on the Cross and shed blood to give life for all.

In Nagpur, the Christian Youth have worked with the Nagpur Medical College in donating their blood requesting them to be shared with the poor and needy who cannot afford to buy blood for their treatment.  Dr. Nitin and his team from Nagpur Medical College  assisted in the camp.

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For Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis, Easter is an opportunity to revive their hope in a new heaven and new earth….

For Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis in India:

Easter is…

An opportunity to revive their hope in a new heaven and new earth….
A time to see the curtain of division and discrimination tore apart….
An attempt of re-formation of human relations as Mother Mary and John had at the cross….
A reminder of the need of endurance and persistence to counter casteism….
An indicator that the possible and certain persecutions they have to undergo….
And a pointer to the fact that if they do not shout aloud, the stones will shout….

Let us have an Easter of resistance to casteism!

Let us celebrate Easter in solidarity with Dalit, Tribals and Adivasis!

Rev. Sunil Raj Philip,
Executive Secretary, Commission on Dalits,
Executive Secretary- in- charge, Commission on Tribals & Adivasis,
National Council of Churches in India.
Cell: +91 8275045182Painting by REV JOHN PRADEEP, who is currently serving as pastor in Telengana, after finishing his theological studies in the United Theological College in Bangalore.