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Meditation on ‘Inclusiveness’

Introduction: “Gospel in a groaning world” was the theme of the previous quadrennial.  The present quadrennial has the theme “Towards Just and Inclusive Communities”.  During the assembly we deliberated on this theme in detail.  This morning I wish to share some thoughts on the theme of “inclusiveness”. Inclusiveness in simple terms means comprehending everything, containing […]

NCCI’s new website

ncci1914.com NCCI’s new website ncci1914.com was inaugurated by NCCI President, Honourable Bishop Dr. P. C. Singh on August 11, 2016 in the course of the General Body meeting in Chennai. Bishop Dr. P. C. Singh appreciated NCCI’s Commission on Communications and Relations for the upgrade, and wished the website to be a channel for more […]

Ecumenism of the 21st Century: Insights from Samuel Kobia’s Thoughts.

The term ecumenism, common though it is in Christian theological vocabularies and in high level conferences and consultations, is still not so well known at the grassroots level. To put it very simply, ecumenism is concerned with relationships which encourage and facilitate listening, learning, mature criticism, mutual edification and change, commitment and solidarity, thereby continuously […]

Dr. Hunter P. Mabry passes away

Dr. Hunter P. Mabry, 82, of Roanoke passed away on Saturday, July 9, 2016 after a long struggle with chronic radiation damage to his intestinal tract many years ago. Born in Timber Ridge in Rockbridge County, he was a native of the Shenandoah Valley. During his youth he lived in the Waynesboro area and graduated […]

Report on Two Days Workshop for Caregivers on ‘Modern Approaches to Disability Care’

Two Days Workshop for Caregivers on ‘Modern Approaches to Disability Care’ Date: 16th& 17th April, 2016 Venue: Sachiapuram, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu  National Council of Churches in India Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation World Vision – India Engage Disability Tamilnadu Christian Council  & CSI Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad   Introduction: A two-day workshop for Care Givers of People […]

NCCI XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly: Resolution on Public Issues

NCCI XXVIII Assembly Resolutions on Public Issues We, the delegates of the 28th Quadrennial Assembly of the National Council of Churches in India held at Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur from April 27 to April 30, 2016, having solemnly reflected upon issues affecting India in particular and the world at large, hereby pass resolutions […]