National Council of Churches Condemns Human Rights Violation of Dalit Women


National Council of Churches in India condemns the heinous crimes which are being committed against Dalits and especially Dalit women in India. Instances of such violence on dalit women are   increasing as fascist ideologies  are spreading like plague in India

Another heinous crime happened recently when two Dalit women were beaten up, their clothes were stripped off and then they were forced to walk naked in their village. High caste women were used to commit such violence on these two women while   the insensitive crowed amused themselves by taking pictures and filming them naked. The “crime” the two Dalit women committed did was to take water from a tap that was in the area of the upper class Hindus. These sisters belonged to the MSA (Mission Sisters of Ajmer) congregation, who run the Karuna Hospital in Borivli. This is the how Dalit women are treated in India, irrespective of their services to the community. ( Source :www.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad makes an urgent plea to citizens of civil society and member churches to  take urgent steps to protest against such violence. According to him “ This sort of violence is violation of Human Rights and Women’s Human  Rights  and there is no compromise on such violence; the Government of India should immediately take steps to eradicate such violence.”

Violence  against Dalits increases on a daily scale ; more than 45,000 cases of atrocities against Dalits were reported in just 2016-17.  (Source: In India Dalit women’s bodies are becoming battle fields where  caste wars are being fought. Rape, sexual abuse, assault are being used as instruments by high caste people to shame and humiliate Dalit communities. On behalf of the Women’s Fellowships of 30 Member Churches of NCCI (representing 7 million) women, the Women Concerns of National Council of Churches expresses solidarity with these two sisters  and other Dailt women who are shamed and made victims of such violence.

NCCI gives a clarion all to member churches, institutions and organizations  and fellows pilgrims of justice and peace to engage in various forms of advocacy to build the conscience of the Nation  to uplift the  Rights to Life and Dignity of all especially those from  vulnerable communities or backgrounds .

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